Samstag, 3. März 2018

RPG drawings

7th Sea Cathay - Xun Hua Lan (Nha Nong, Fu Sorceress and Ki Kwanji Fighter)
Kardinal Polarbear

Garan in Space - Kazran (Engineer) and Captain Sam
Ryne 5.0

Ivan, beloved Minigun of Ryne

Ryne and Kaz after a battle.

Freitag, 2. Februar 2018

Freitag, 12. Januar 2018

Space RPG

Real quick sketches of Space-Cyborg Ryne and Kazran with their great tourist-disguises.
Kazran sort of looks like a 12 year old...

Should draw him manly next time.

Donnerstag, 31. August 2017


I'm still in fluff mode. Therefore there'll be some more Aryaku romance <3

Montag, 28. August 2017


The fluff is strong in this one <3 Ryaku/Archi forever... although No. 3 is still my personal favourite.